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Hydraulic technology is widely used in mechanical processing, involving all aspects of mechanical processing, including casting equipment (centrifugal casting machine), forming equipment (bending machine, shearing machine), welding equipment, metal cutting machine tools (lathe, milling machine, grinder, planer, etc.), we can see the shadow of hydraulic pressure.

Fire Fighting Field

Hydraulic tools are widely used in emergency rescue. Hydraulic tools such as hydraulic expander, hydraulic reinforcing steel shear and hydraulic jack can be used together in emergency rescue to perform powerful expansion, tearing and pulling operations. It can carry out rescue operation with high load and is made of high strength light alloy steel. It is light in weight, strong in strength and safe in operation.

Transmission and Distribution Construction

Hydraulic technology is widely used in power system because of its advantages of high output power, high control accuracy and less space. Multifunctional bus processing machine, hydraulic cable shear and other hydraulic tools make the construction of urban and rural power network, power rush repair and other transmission and distribution lines more efficient, safe and fast.

Hardware field

Hydraulic cutting machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, hydraulic punching machine, four-column hydraulic press and other tools can be used to extrude and cut metal materials for a series of operations, simple to use, high strength and wear resistance, is an indispensable tool in the hardware industry.

Construction industry

There are hydraulic components in excavators, construction machinery, pile machinery and cement mixer trucks on construction sites. Hydraulic components have important application value and development potential in construction industry

Shipbuilding Industry

Hydraulic technology is widely used, such as full hydraulic dredger, salvage boat, pile driver, oil production platform, hydrofoil boat, hovercraft and ship auxiliaries.

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